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Doug Forsythe

Doug Forsythe is a well known Canadian / International contemporary artist/printmaker born in Wolfville, Nova Scotia 1949 where he grew up with a natural fascination for the sea.

He demonstrated a natural aptitude for painting and drawing at a very young age and began honing this ability at The Nova Scotia Collage of Art & Design in 1968. His career now spans five decades. He authored the definitive guide to building an etching press which is referenced by printmakers world wide. His press design can be found in printmaking studios in thirty countries around the globe.

Forsythe works in various mediums including intaglio printmaking, monotype, serigraphy, mixed media, watercolor, oil, acrylics, encaustic & computer. Forsythe's command of his chosen mediums has enabled him to satisfy his ultimate intention - to create rich and deeply convincing works of art . His innovative nature is perhaps best portrayed in his intaglio collagraph prints, for most of the techniques he uses to build his plates were of his own design.

He is an artist who relishes experimentation and evolution, though is not afraid to return to earlier discoveries, themes and styles. In 1995 Forsythe began exploring a new art medium The Computer and in 1997 received an international design award from Corel Corp. for his work.

In 2008 Forsythe's first monograph was published A Forty Year Retrospective 1968-2008

Forsythe has exhibited his work throughout North America and has enjoyed numerous successful shows in Vancouver, Toronto, Halifax, New York & Los Angeles . In 1987 his original prints were included in a tour of Embassies in Holland, France & Germany.

Collections include:

Corporate (partial list)
McLeod Young Weir 
Royal Trust 
Diversey Corporation 
Tab Computers 
Clarkson Gordon 
Detroit Bank 
Canadian General Electric 
Tandam Computers 
Hokkaido Bank 
Continental Bank, New York
Personnel Insurance 
Xerox Corporation
Parrish Hiembecher 
Trans Canada Pipeline 
Data Crown Limited
Alberta & Southern Gas 
IBM Canada & USA 
Amoco Canada Petroleum 
Ernst & Young 
Westinghouse Canada 
Bell Canada 
Peat Marwick

Pepsi Cola USA 
Connecticut National 
Dorschel Buick- Toyota
Farm Mutual Assurance Inc.
B. Forman Company
Central Trust 
Holiday Inn 
Security Nortstar Bank 
Coopers & Lybrand 
Crawford Smith & Swallow 

Private (partial list)
Brent Claridge,Ontario
Joan Crozier,Ontario
Barry Kowalski,Ontario
Dr.Jack Hirsh, Ontario
Dr.Alexa Herberson,BC
Dr. Michael Li, Ontario,CA
Barbara Rutley,British Columbia
Kathleen Glover, USA
Fran & Paul Pearl,Ontario
Dr. Anna Kobylecky,Ontario
Gary Lyon,New Brunswick

Sonia Pallek,Ontario
Janet Wood,Ontario
Howard Sapers,Ontario
James & Sabina Stone,Ontario
Robert & Pam Landry,Ontario
Erin Needra,Ontario
John Migicovsky,Ontario
Michel Clark,Ontario
Kevin Kollock,USA
Linda Haldane,Ontario
Nick&Elizabeth Avery,Ontario
Glenn Worman,USA
Dr Joy Richards,Ontario
Dr. Salvatore Hasson, Ontario
Katherine Mullin,Ontario
Mike Marriott,Ontario
Kristen Burns,Ontario
Maureen Taylor,Ontario
Dick Murphy,Ontario
Ioana Ciric,Ontario
Paul Syslak,Ontario
Gawen Thompson,Ontario
Jerald Kuhn,USA
James&Eugenie Beall,USA
John&Kathleen Wills,Ontario

Bill &Ginny Campbell,Ontario
Charles Manley,USA
Susan Tambourro,USA
Judith Blackburn,Ontario
John&Margaret Harrison,Ontario
Ginett Simard,Ontario
Graham Samuels,Ontario
Rob Van der Zalm, Ontario
Mary E Vearncombe, Ontario
Bill & Donna Harrison,Ontario