Marsha Forsythe

Marsha Forsythe was born in Kentville Nova Scotia and pursued a teaching career after graduation from Acadia University in Wolfville Nova Scotia.

After teaching she utilized the etching press designed by husband artist/printmaker Doug Forsythe and focused on printmaking choosing to work primarily in the intaglio printmaking technique.

Her small delicate etchings of plants found in and around her home in Niagara-on-the-Lake are meant to be viewed at close range. The varied and expressive nature of the hand made prints provide the viewer an infinite amount of detail. She uses an intaglio collagraph technique to produce her larger works. These pieces tend to be somewhat bolder and more expressive. When viewing these pieces one senses the pleasure she must derive from her work.

New works include acrylic on paper. These colorful and abstract creations using a palette knife create bold textured statements of nature and life.